Axe League at FlagTagAZ

Axe Us About Our Quarterly League!

Every season, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, an axe-throwing league comes to FlagTag AZ, fulfilling the needs of hard-core Axers who want to enjoy eight weeks of socially acceptable fun. “It usually takes an hour each night,” says owner Scott Sawyer, “depending on how many competitors we have. If you like throwing, this is a great experience with friendly people who like to throw sharp things.”

A flat fee of $150 pays for an axe-throwing season, which is either a one-night marathon or an eight-week League sequence. However, if you buy an axe-throwing subscription, which is $50 a month for 12 months, that gives you 50% off League, as well as some additional discounts. Ask us for details! Anyone 10+ can join league! Register to join Fall Axe League here:

Our next season will start on August 23rd with practice starting at 6:30 and the competition at 7:00 going for 8 weeks. The last week is a double-elimination tournament to find our champion. Typically during the last two weeks of regular season, we will host a marathon league, which is all eight weeks of throwing at one time.