BYOB Alcohol Policy

Alcohol at private events – BYOB

Requirements for allowing alcohol at FlagTagAZ as part of a private party:

  1. Must be part of a full facility rental and be a private event. FlagTag AZ must be closed to the public for the event.
  2. Alcohol can only be served between 4 PM and 2 AM.
  3. Event sponsors must provide all alcohol.
  4. Alcohol cannot be onsite until shortly before the event begins.
  5. All alcohol must be taken from FlagTagAZ at the end of the event.
    • Opened containers must be disposed of on-site except wine which may be taken with a flush cork.
    • Unopened containers must be taken at the end of the event or disposed of on-site.
  6. Alcohol may only be consumed by those over 21 and must be proven with a legal ID.
  7. A licensed bartender will be present at any event with alcohol as well as individual drink tickets to help monitor quantity consumed.
  8. Personal alcohol may not exceed limits mentioned below and must be served in single serving sizes.
Type of AlcoholMax AmountEquivalency
Beer40 ounces~ 2 cans of beer
Wine750 ml1 standard wine bottle
Distilled Spirits4 oz~ 2 shots