Have A Blast In Our Laser Tag Arena

Grab a high-tech phaser and explore our black-lit, interactive, multi-level laser tag arena.

You may book laser tag games for your group online. Online booking reserves your start time, no payment is taken online, no fees for booking online.


Unlimited Laser Tag Pass (no re-entry): $29.99 per person.*

Four Games: $25.99 per person

Two Games: $16.99 per person

*No refunds for unused games

Laser Tag at FlagTagAZ can be for any age, usually age 5 and up do well, occasionally younger kids do not enjoy the black-lit arena.

Delta Strike Laser Tag System

We have over thirty modern programmed laser tag modes, as well as high-tech laser guns and vests, in an updated arena. The most popular games games are: Team One Shot, Free For All, Agents, Gladiators, Delta Tag, Sharpshooter, Juggernaut, and Backstabber.

To earn points to modify your battle suit adding specialty weapons and shields, inquire about Tag Memberships Cards. 

Some highlights about our state of the art laser tag system include:

  • Ability to select a weapon type while playing by hitting a button on the side of the battle suit gun.
    • Phaser is a long range energy blast which can shoot all the way across the arena. This is perfect for those with precise aim and wanting to tag people from a distance.
    • Blaster is a wide angle energy blast that can tag multiple targets at a time. Perfect for when there is a large group in front of you or shooting from the hip.  
  • Information screen which provides information when needed such as:
    • Battle suit name
    • How many shields remain
    • Who tagged you
    • Number of points earned during the game
    • Energy blaster type (Phaser or Blaster)
    • Game specific information
    • Team color
  • Interactive Arena Elements:
    • Energy Gateways
    • Two Video Base Stations providing power ups during games
    • Upstairs Hex Base
    • A tank which shoots everyone around the tank, if you don’t shoot it first.