Mini Laser Tag Party

Mini Party:

A mini party is where you choose the amount of laser tag games you want and grab a table at FlagTagAZ when you arrive.

When doing a mini-party, booking tells us your general party start time, we will assume you are starting your games within the first hour of arrival. When you arrive you can pick an available table to have your party at. You may order pizzas online to go with your booking, or order in store. If bringing your own food or cake, don’t forget to bring your own crockery to go with it. Arcade cards can be purchased at the kiosk in store.

Games of Laser Tag

We can fit up to about 20+ people in one game of laser tag, if your group is larger than 20 we will probably split your in 2 groups. We can get a different group in about every 12 minutes.

Book here for game pricing per person. If you are a very large group (20-150), and would like other options for laser tag, please fill out an estimate form instead.

We do not have an age limit for laser tag, but sometimes children under age 5 do not care for our black-lit arena.


Unlimited Laser Tag: $29.99 (no re-entry)
4 Games of Laser Tag: $25.99
3 Games of Laser Tag: $23.97
2 Games of Laser Tag: $16.99
1 Game of Laser Tag: $8.99

No refunds on unused games, you can add on more games in store.

When booking you may pay online or choose pay in store. No payment required online to book time. When booking online, and estimated number of players is fine, just choose to “pay at time of service” we will only charge for how many people come.

To see available times, click on your desired date. There is a small number box to change the quantity of laser tag players.


Price Varies