Don't forget closed-toe shoes for axe throwing!

We have 14 new axe throwing lanes and have plenty of room to keep distance between groups. Your group will share lanes on our back lanes, how many lanes will be depending on your group size, our staff will set you up in the appropriate number of lanes for your group. We also have tournament lanes for tournaments or league throwing. Axe throwing is recommended for children over 13 and adults. (Younger children may throw with parental permission.)

Rates for axe throwing:

  • Axe Throwing Lesson: Included with throwing session

  • 30 minutes $15 per person, shared lanes with your group

  • 60 minutes $25 per person, shared lanes with your group

  • For groups of 10 or more with shared lanes: 60 minutes $20 per person

We will train you on proper axe throwing safety and technique. You must have closed-toe shoes to axe throw.

For tournaments or other special situations, please give us a call. 928-707-9824

In 2021 WATL changed a few rules. One of new rules is a smaller bullseye. The ring around the smaller bullseye is now worth 5 points. With the bulls eye still worth 6 points.

We are a part of the World Axe Throwing League. With this we follow their rules for how to throw axes, score, and our scoreboard.


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