Axe Throwing League

FlagTag AZ participates in the World Axe Throwing League, which gives our league members the opportunity to qualify for World’s, held every Fall. There are four league seasons held each year. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. In 2021 FlagTag AZ will host the WATL regional tournament held November 13-14, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When does the next league start? The next league will begin Tuesday, March 30, 2021.
  • Do I have to be good to join? You do not, all of the league members are there to enjoy throwing hatchets with like minded individuals. If you have never thrown, we will teach you, just come a bit earlier.
  • How long does league last? League is an eight (8) week adventure of axe throwing. The first seven weeks are to seed for the double elimination tournament on the eighth week.
  • When is league? It is on Tuesday nights with practice starting at six and throwing competitions beginning at seven PM.
  • Can I miss any days? You may miss up to two of the axe league days, you may be able to make up missed games when you return.
  • What are the rules? We follow the rules of the World Axe Throwing League. They can be found here.
  • I cannot make Tuesday night, are there other nights? Bring 5 other friends, and we will start a league at any night or time you would like.
  • How do I check up on my league standing? Check your standing here.
  • What are upcoming 2021 WATL league dates at FlagTag AZ? Spring: Mar 30-May 18, Summer: June 22-August 10, Fall: Sept 14-Nov 2
  • Can I watch league online? Yes, we are live streaming league each week from our YouTube channel.
  • Other questions? Ask us below

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